• Sarah Vaughn

    Worship Director

    Sarah and her husband Ross moved to Boise in 2002 from New York. They've since been blessed with their wonderful children Reggie and David. Sarah has been a pianist since she was 8-years old, eventually moving to Manhattan where she attended Juilliard and earned her doctorate. When she isn't leading our congregation in worship, Jennifer likes to spend time with her family and write music.

  • Riley Kearny

    Associate Pastor

    Riley moved to Boise directly from Philadelphia, where he lived and worked until he was 22. Before moving, Riley led outreach programs on the streets of South Philly; working mostly with the homeless to provide them with food, shelter and any other necessities. Prior to that, Riley’s favorite job was working as a security guard at Phillies games.

  • Jeremy Brooks

    Lead Pastor

    Jeremy grew up near Washington D.C. where he worked in the business world for five years before moving to California and deciding to become a pastor. After attending seminary, Jeremy moved to Boise where he planted Anthem Church. Over the last decade, Jeremy has taken the small community and helped it to grow into the thriving community we are today.