Sunday Worship

We invite you to join us for worship on Sundays at 10:30 AM for Gathered Worship. 

The Most Important Thing We Do

Worship is the chief work of God's people. We assemble together on Sunday mornings because we believe God will do what God has promised. What has he promised to do in our worship? He calls us together promising to cleanse us from our sins, speak to us in his Word, hear our prayers and praises, and send us out into the world under his blessing. So we come together expectantly looking to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to work on us and in us in order that we might work for him.

Child Friendly

Children are welcome in our worship services. We provide resources from Truth 78 for families to help their children learn to listen actively for the voice of God in our gatherings. 

Joyful Reverence

The earliest Christians believed that Jesus was crucified and died on what is now called Good Friday. Then by the greatest of all miracles, he came back to life on the first Easter. His resurrection meant for his followers, the repair of a broken past, hope for the present, and the promise of eternal life together in the future. In solemn remembrance of Jesus’ death, and in joyful celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, they began a tradition of meeting each Sunday to worship him.

Ancient Relevance

Our worship services follow the same basic outline used by most Christian churches since the days of the earliest Christians. However, we fill in the details of the service with the music and language of the present. The Lord Jesus gathers us as his people to speak to us in the reading and preaching of his Word, hear our praises and prayers, and feed us in The Lord's Supper before sending us out once more to serve him in the world.