Books We Recommend:


Death is an evil intruder in this world. Yet we believe that death, too, will die in that day when Christ returns. Here are books we recommend on the subject of death.

Top Recommendation

The Last Enemy by Michael Wittmer

Death will, indeed, take us all. The world will move on and we will be gone. But, of course, death is not the end which means that each of us needs to be prepared to face it and to face what comes beyond its dark door. This is what Wittmer seeks to do in this book, to prepare us to face death with hope and strength and confidence.

Other Recommendations

Grieving, Hope and Solace by Al Martin

This is a moving and compassionate book in which Martin traces his own grief following the death of his wife.

Written in Tears by Luke Veldt

A book for all of us, whether we are grieving or whether we know people who are grieving.

Surprised By Suffering by R.C. Sproul

Sproul writes about a wide variety of topics relating to suffering and death, with the first half of the book looking at life leading up to death and the second half looking at life after death.

Safe in the Arms of God by John MacArthur

MacArthur writes about the difficult subject of when children die.